FXG Parser


Runtime FXG parser for Flash player 10.

How to use:

import fxgparser.FxgDisplayy;

var fxg:XML = <fxg data>;
var fxgDisplay: FxgDisplay= new FxgDisplay( fxg );
addChild(  fxgDisplay );

Please refer to the samples inside trunk.

SVG Parser

And here's SVG Parser

import svgparser.SvgDisplay;

var svg:XML = <svg data>;
var svgDisplay: SvgDisplay = new SvgDisplay( svg );
addChild(  svgDisplay );

Requirement: Flash Player 10 or above
License: GNU Lesser General Public License ( Unless otherwise mentioned inside the code )


FXG : http://fxgeditor.7jigen.net/gallery/
SVG: http://svgeditor.7jigen.net/gallery/