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How to become a Commiter

To become a commiter to please send a mail with your introduction, your desired username and your SHA1 key to beinteractive.org@gmail.com. For mor informations about beeing commiter please continue at "About Commiters".

Project List

Please check the license of the projects before you use them in your projects. (If you can't find the license, please contact the author or beinteractive.org@gmail.com)

Graphics/Color (AS3)

  • AverageColor
    • A util-class to calculate the average between 2 colors (Hex, RGB or HSB format).
  • Frocessing
    • AS3 drawing library similar to Processing.
  • gunyarapaint
    • Painting component for picture blog.
  • TeraFire
    • Fire effect, useful to render animated candles or stoves.
  • UniqueShape
    • special form of Shape
  • CurveLib
    • Formula based curve drawing library.
  • LCDBitmap
    • Displays a BitmapData like a LCD display.
  • SvgEditor / FxgEditor
    • A library for editing SVG/FXG formatted vector graphics data.

Graphics/Color (AS2)

  • Shape
    • Util for primitive shape drawing. Square, fan, octagon, corner round square, etc.
  • ColorTrans
    • Util for changing the color of a MovieClip? in a convenient way even in Flash 8.
  • Mosaic
  • FastBlur?
    • Bug fixed and speed-up version of the ActiveBlur? class.
  • ColorMath
    • Utils for calculating colors. Offers methods like add, substract, etc.
  • GraphisPattern
    • Common pixel bitmap patterns used in Mangas, Photoshop or alike.
  • PageCurl
    • The library to add the page turning over effect

DisplayObject/Filter? (AS3)

DisplayObject/Filter? (AS2)

  • ToolTips
    • Simple class to display tooltips.
  • Trans
    • Util to translate(rotate, expand, reduce) a MovieClip? based on a coordinate set.
  • KeyIf
    • Simple util to map keyboard-keys to methods.

3D (AS3)

Image Processing (AS3)

Sound (AS3)

  • sazameki
    • The Audio library to arrange or sounds the waveform which generated in Flash
  • Craptune
    • The MML sound library specified for game BGM
  • BeatTimer
    • The utility for the person who wants to do something sychronized with a rhythm.
  • SiON
    • Sound library for FlashPlayer?10, The PCM/FM/PSG sound module emulator, MML(Music Macro Language) compiler/sequencer and sound effectors are included.
  • BeatDispatcher
    • The libary to dispatch the event on every bar, beat or Tick value which registered. You can develop something like rhythm macine.
  • ASound
    • Easy audio library. (Planned to) Provide the API like DisplayObject?.

Sound (AS2)

  • BGMManager
    • Manage the BGM and do the fade in/out, cross fade easily. (last update 15-Nov, 2007)
  • SEManager
    • Manage the SE (Sound Effect) and play it easily. (last update 21-Sep, 2007)

Asyncronous Processing (AS3)

Network/Load (AS3)

Network/Load (AS2)

  • XMLParser
    • The class that analyze the XML and converts to the Object with hierarchy.

Math/Physics (AS3)

  • Graphoon
    • Flex component and library to draw the graph which we learned at math class of junior or high school
  • JointModel
    • Joint model
  • CollisionDetection
    • The class to detect the collision of the complex shape
  • Statistics
    • The Statistical analysis library

Math/Physics (AS2)

  • Math2
    • The class and method for several calculations
  • GeomMath
    • The class and method for shape calculations

Game Development (AS3)

  • cannonML
    • DSL library for barrage shooting
  • CharacterWalker
    • Let the character of the "RPG Tsuku-ru" to walk with animation
  • GameAI
    • Some libraries for Game AI
  • Yasume
    • General library to utilize the messy processing when develop the game.

Date/Time (AS3)

  • CountDown
    • The class that returns the date, time until the Hideki's 60th birthday
  • TeraClock
    • You can create the clock. You can get two digit digital or angle of the analog clock handle data.
  • SmartDate
    • The class to treat the Date class intuitively.
  • EnhancedTimer
    • Enhanced timer which contain the date property.
  • Eseclock
    • You can develop something like UNIQLOCK

Date/Time (AS2)

  • Seiza
    • Get the constellation from the date

Text (AS3)

Text (AS2)

  • Todoufuken?
    • Convert the administrative divisions string to a numerical value.
  • ToZenkakuKana?
    • Convert the single byte character string into the em-size japanese syllabary.

Browser (AS3)

Browser (AS2)

  • RootPath
    • Sets the absolute path same when you publish or preview via HTML.

FlashPlayer/System (AS2)

  • Player
    • Class that even can check the minor version of the Flash Player.

Utility (AS3)

  • ASReflect
  • OverloadSupport
    • Achieve the overload at AS3!
  • TwoWayBinding
    • The utility class to achieve the two-way bindings
  • Flagment
    • The Flag driven library
  • CountTrigger
    • Flag driven library based on counter
  • AS3bind
    • Currying like boost::bind
  • HikaUrawaza
    • The class to detect specifyed command and dispatch event.
  • Recorder
    • The class to record and remember the properties of the Object. You can bind the recorded properties on another Object.
  • Pool
    • The library for whom wants to keep using the newed object
  • ECMAScript
    • AS3 Port of yossy's ECMAScript-based scripting engine.
  • kaede/MMExecute2
    • Convenient MMExecute that connects SWFPanel and JSFL.
  • swfJSFL
    • The class to handle JSFL file as a class.

Utility (AS2)

  • FrameInterval
    • Frame synchronous version of setInterval()
  • SyncMethod
    • Execute the registered function just after the exisitng method executed
  • commands
    • Command package to execute the several process. It can process asynchronously.
  • muraken/Prototypes
    • The class to enhance the prototypes

Progression (AS3)

  • Slides Library
    • The library to create the presentation slide with timeline base
  • EffectViewer
    • The simple viewer for Progression3 to check how the several effects looks like when process together

CASA Framework (AS2)


  • FlexTrace
    • Custom trace() class for Flex
  • CellCheckBox
    • Custome CheckBox? class for itemRenderer (require Flex 2 SDK)
  • Genius Framework
    • The framework to provide the architecture of the Flex application
  • AirAutoUpdater
    • Let to provide the update function to AIR application by writing just one line to the MXML
  • AIRMigemo
    • Migemo on AIR applications
    • The library to generate the class from XML written by MXML like XSLT


  • SQLControls
    • The library to handle SQLite data easily from AIR application
  • ChartData
    • The library to display the chart at AIR application
  • StreetView
    • Google Maps Street View AIR application
  • TLife
    • Twitter client
  • AirDao
    • O/R Mapper for Adobe AIR

Debug/Test (AS3)

  • AS3Unit
    • The Unit test framework that can write by POJO like JUnit4
  • ASUnit
    • A simple Unit test framework like JUnit3.8
  • Profiler
    • The helper class to debug the memory leak
  • Dumper
    • The class to Dump inside the Object and trace or display to the console of the firebug
  • Sanzoku
    • The class to trace or display the properties of several Sprite/MovieClip to the firebug console
  • ASDebuger
    • The library to handle the several Flash debugger with common interface
  • FlaProfiler
    • The memory profiler for FLASHer

Debug/Test (AS2)

  • ASUnit
    • A simple Unit test framework like JUnit3.8

Binary Processing (AS3)

Service Connection (AS3)

Device/Sensor (AS3)

  • SMSas
    • The library to handle the motion sensor value of the MacBook?
  • ndsas
    • The AS3 library to communicate with Nitendo DS
  • iphoneas
    • The AS3 library to comunicate with iPhone
  • multitouch
    • The library to create the multi tap application
  • chumbyas
    • The AS3 library to communicate with chumbt

JS relation (AS3)

etc (AS3)

  • AOContainer
    • Lightweight container for Dependency Injection.


  • abcx
    • The tool to create a executable .abx file from a .abc file at MacOS X
    • Util to use Tamarin with interactive mode (avmplus -i) at MacOS X

ASDoc Template

Flash extensions

  • colorPickerPS
    • The panel that can adjust the RGB/HSV at same time. It can create the gradation easily (last update 07-Sep, 2007)
  • TransformationPoint
    • The exhancing panel to do something to tranformation point of the object at Flash CS3. It can set to the whole object which selected
  • GetFrameActionScript
    • The command to dispay the ActionScript? list which are written in the frame of the .fla file (JSFL)
  • GetLibraryItemClass
    • This command outputs class information of library items.(JSFL)
  • specialbutton component
    • The general button component for beginner to middle person of AS, made by AS1(interchangable to AS2). Somebody please analyze the code and rewrite to AS3. (mxp)
  • Line component
    • The component to draw the dotted line and broken line which AS can not. (swc)
  • letterspace
    • Kerning the specified character of the static text in the library which are made as MovieClip?
  • TimelineController
    • The tool set to handle Timeline
  • insertLabel
    • Generate the sequence numbered label to selected frame
  • TrueFLfile
    • It aims the true File API for JSFL
  • EasingGenerator
    • Extension panel(mxp) to specify the Tweener transition parameter with cubic bezier curve
  • AllClassLinkageReplace
    • Search/Replace the whole linkage of library symbol of whole opened or active fla files
  • RealPub
    • Execute the realtime publishing
  • TweenerTransitionsPanel
    • Add the transition list panel of Tweener to the FlashCS4
  • LayerIntegration
    • Integrate multiple layers in the timeline.

For Editor

  • yasnipet
    • The project to share the yasnipet of Emacs and improve the productivity
  • xyzzyfcsh
    • The macro to call fcsh command from xyzzy (An editor on windows).

Photoshop Script

WordPress PlugIn?


  • yossy a.k.a. beinteractive
  • Will ウィリアム a.k.a. Tekcronic
    • Runs the site WebWizardWill: Does design, scripting, domain sales and hosting. Translating Spark Project to English via Google Translate. Making demo's for English users.
  • gen:a.k.a.whitebase
    • Runs the site Emzah & Designer: Still studying AS3, so I don't a lot. Please be nice to me.
  • yoshiweb
    • Runs the site yoshiweb.NET: Don't get angry, even if a class is not useful.
  • kuy
    • Runs the site endflow.net: I will upload what I made; step by step.
  • michi
    • Runs the site seyself.com: I am not good at english, so beware! Many functions and variables have strange names.
  • fladdict
    • Runs the site fladdict.net. I will upload relics of the past.
  • kujirahand
  • munegon
    • Runs the site void element. It is taking time to find/extract the class because I don't seem to have useful one.
  • rch850
    • Runs the site 850MB. I will commit the material of Papervision3D.
  • hbkr
    • Runs the site hbkr. I will upload foolish classes. (Until someone gets angry)
  • Mk-10 a.k.a. cellfusion
    • Runs the site cellfusion. I am planning to update some useful class.
  • dada
    • Runs the site RuputerFan/SYGNAS: I am planning to publish the class which I proof really useful at the game I am creating.
  • muta
    • Runs the site unbland.net: I hope I can add some useful class.
  • nitoyon
  • mmlemon
  • jirox
    • Runs the site jiro's diary: Please correct my code if its not good.
  • ido
  • Muraken
    • Runs the site Muraken.biz: It seems just for myself, but will upload some useful and cool stuff.
  • ll_koba_ll
  • taiga
    • Runs the site taiga.jp. Hoping to publish something to make the work with Flex easier...
  • daoki2
    • Runs the site Frog on AIR: I am beginner and daredevil but try my best.
  • nanki
  • tasuku:a.k.a. Gnyara-kun
    • Runs the site Gnyagnya memo: Planning to upload a class for some algorithm. (Until someone gets angry)
  • nishio
    • Runs the site Yasukazu Nishio's Hatena-Diary: Basically, my policy is to publish code which is no problem to publish, so I will upload a lot of code and snippets. (Until someone gets angry)
  • nobu
  • shunirr
  • gan2
  • seagirl
    • Runs the site seagirl: Creating a flex framework called the "Genius Framework".
  • katz
  • uranodai
  • amoi
  • scratchbrain
  • zk33
    • Runs the site zkdesign: Planning to commit something related to Audio, etc.
  • ken
  • Ko:ki
  • alumican.net
    • Runs the site alumican.net: Writing some wrapper class everyone can use for mysterious code that does a lot of magic.
  • ogies
  • K@2PX
    • Runs the site 2PX: This is my first time to participate at this kind of community. I will take care to not disturb anyone, thanks.
  • cue
    • Runs the site cuegraphix.com: Lot of utilities and posthumous work with fun.
  • tarotarorg
  • nutsu
    • Runs the site http://nutsu.com: I would like to commit something related to drawing, arithmetic. Thanks.
  • uwi
  • nksm
  • Saqoosha
  • 448jp
  • keim
    • Runs the site +Si+: Planning to commit something related to Game Development, Audio and 3D.
  • nayuta
    • I will write actionscript code (functions and classes) in my daily life, if I hit on some idea.
  • e_s_jp
  • chabudai
  • yoropan
  • mash
  • flat
    • Behind nothing. I will commit what I made after the AIR contest ends.
  • oshige
  • keno
  • mzp
  • dealforest
  • kagi55x
  • idiotica
  • tera
    • Runs no site. Planning to upload some small thing, not useful. I am well known to typo.
  • Atunosuke
  • hikatsuka
  • hael
  • kaede
  • yoshihiko
  • tanabe
  • t-kis
  • n_mattun
  • kaikoga
  • trick7
  • ikecho
    • Runs no site. Creating Tag paper AIR application. Cannot commit because of problems...
  • octech
  • yama_ko
  • hidachinoiro
  • borealkiss
    • Writing the blog boreal-kiss.com: The immediate target is to commit something.
  • Mi-Ya
    • Runs the site http://www.miyasuke.net/: Chronic Chu-ni Syndrome. I just start AS3.0 and often create animations in Flash.
  • kikuzokikuzo
    • I release a library for PlaceEngine here. And I hope to create something more but ...
  • whirlpower
  • haku2 hakuhaku
    • I participate as an assistant of Gnyara-kun. And I will commit something if a good idea is come up (`・ω・´).
  • ◆nemu90kWw.
    • Runs the site Isolation's-nest: I constantly create games in the early 90's style. I dislike programming but not in AS3.
  • nanmo
  • fushan
  • nagase
    • http://ngsdev.org/: I graduate by the people who use my stuff. AS is not my only speciality these days.
  • psyark
  • yoshuki
    • SaikyoLine.jp: Ruby, PHP and AS3. 30's who wish to develop somethink cool(but ability is not accompanied).
  • as3sorg
  • dsk
  • ojiboss
    • I don't have my blog yet but sooner or later will create one. Wish to be ASer.
  • kozy
    • Runs the site l4l.
  • polig
    • Runs the site http://polig.daa.jp/. Planned to commit the By-product of a game I am making(for example wrapper class for famous API).
  • ohura
  • tmdf
  • Seacolor (Kazushi Tominaga)
  • darkomeme
    • Runs the site http://da.rkome.me/: Hosting a flash site to create games together which is called himacology. Writing Flash programs after returning home from work.
  • sprust
  • bao_bao
  • berian
  • asahiufo
  • matsumos
    • Please don't be rough with me.
  • Kinsman
  • Damien
    • Has -sometimes- a site at http://damienc.net. French web developer, juggling with Rails and AS3.
  • ericsoco
    • created FLARManager, to decouple FLARToolkit from Papervision3D, and make it simpler to use. Hoping to help saqoosha with FLARToolkit improvments.
  • scisci
    • working on improving swfassist to read/write swf files completely, including modifying and patching existing swf files for security purposes. http://www.scientificsciences.com
  • ozipi
    • The guy from http://ozipi.com/:: Just find/help interesting projects and learn as much as possible :)
  • tngar
    • do little by little if I have time...
  • bkzen(馬鹿全)
  • Hiiragi
  • benj
  • martinheidgger
    • Long time Flash developer that supports various opensource projects and has his private blog blog http://leichtgewicht.at

If you want to become a commiter, please send your prefered username and your password or a SHA1 hash to beinteractive.org@gmail.com. For further details check out "Let's be a commiter".