What is "Spark project"?

Spark project is Open Source Community for Flash/ActionScript development. Our mission statement is "Share the source code and know-how of Flash/ActionScript , and be happy together!"

Everybody can share codes and know-hows with free tool like Subversion, Wiki, Trac..etc. It means we are very open to welcome new committers.

If you are new to Spark project, then you can go to For Beginners.

Our Rule

  • Once you commit, you are our Bros. (=be happy together!)
  • Once you commit, the code is for everybody(=welcome modification from other committers)
  • "Commit, Share and Add more and more!!"

Nice to Meet You! : Introduction of Spark project

This is introduction of Spark project.

Using a Source Code

Everybody can use all the source code under Spark project as you follow the license of code. (the license is written in ecah project pages or code itself.)

First of all, please check the project page. You will find out the source code, zip file or instruction to use source code.

If you can not find out the project page or any instruction, download/SVNCheckout from the Subversion repository directory.

Note: you can also refere zyass_tak's "how to use Spark project http://www.level-zyass.net/log/2008/05/spark-project.html" (Japanese only)

How to Share the Information

Wiki is useful to share the information and know-how. Everybody can edit Wiki freely.

Besides, you can use Forum for sharing ideas, chatting and discussion.

Send Us Feedback

Find bugs on source code? Any request for the Spark project? you can use Ticket to send feedback.

Become a Committer

#Once you become Committer, then you allow more!

Get More Fun! in Spark project

Here are more detail introductions for tools and services of Spark project.


Spark project use Subversion as version controll system to manage/share the source code.

Once you learn how to Checkout from Repository, you can download the shared sourcecode.


We call the file sharing address as "Repository".

The following URL is the repository of Spark Project. You can see the files in repository via brawser access.


With Repository Browser, you can see the repository in detail.

File URL in Repository

http://www.libspark.org/svn/ is the beginning of the URL of the files in Repository

For example, if you want to access the following file;


Then, it will be like as following URL



We call "Checkout" to download the files from Repository in Subversion.

You can Checkout to access address in the repository and download file and directory.

TortoiseSVN(for Windows) and Versions(for Mac OSX) help you to checkout easily. If you want to know the detail of TortoiseSVN and Versions, please check the help of these tools.


We call "Commit" to modify files in Repository and upload new files.

To do commit, you need to Become Committer.

TortoiseSVN(for Windows) and Versions(for Mac OSX) help you to commit easily. If you want to know the detail of TortoiseSVN and Versions, please check the help of these tools.


Spakr project is Wiki base, so everybody can add and edit easily and free.

Creating New Pages

Here is the step how to create new pages

1. As 1st step, you need to create link info of Wiki page(which is your landing page) 2. You will find "Page generate(ページ作成)" button, then click it 3. Write down the contents, and save it.

Editing The Pages

Here is the step how you can edit the pages.

1. Click "Edit page(ページの編集)" button on the bottom of the page 2. Edit the contents , and save it.


Spark project provides you the forum powered by XOOPS Once you register in the forum, you can write, chat and discuss.


Spark project is based on Trac project management tool , then you can use Trac's service like following:


Once you become Committer, you can log in the Trac. Then you can allow the following things. Which Commiter can do,

Note: to login Trac, you need to enter /login and enter your account info.


Timeline is useful to see the status of Commit for Subversion Repository, register/change the Ticket and review updated log.

Also, we provided RSS feeds , so you can check what's going on with your RSS readers.

Repository Browser

Repository Browser is useful to see Subversion Repository with your browser. You can see current Repository status as well as archives of logs/versions.


Spark project use Ticket system to control bug reports, enhance request and feedback

View The Status of Ticket

You can see the whole list of unsolved/untouched Ticket from registered Ticket on Ticket View You can choose the list from Ticket Report list

Register New Ticket

Everybody can register Ticket. You do not have to become committer to register/submit Ticket.

Ticket Registration requirement:

  • Your Name:
  • Ticket Categories as followings:

1.defect:report for bug 2.task:report for must-to-do 3.enhancement:to request enhancement 4.discussion:we welcome any topic if you can not figure out the category, please select 'dicussion'.

  • Overview of Ticket/describe what you want to submit briefly
  • Contents of Ticket/please explain your subject in detail

< ticket sample > Now, Yossy found the bug on HogeLibrary and wants to report for the developer. He starts to register Ticket as;

  • Your Name : Yossy
  • Ticket Category : defect
  • Overview of Ticket : I can not control xxx on HogeLibrary
  • Contents of Ticket : I am following your instruction to use HogeLibrary. But once I do aaa & bbb, then ccc doesn't accept xxx. Reproducing process is 1. mmmmmm 2. nnnnnnn 3. oooooo.

Especially you want to submit "defect" to report bug, reproduction process is important .

How to Modify Ticket

You can also add your comments on the registered Ticket to promote more. Besides, once you become a Committer, you can control the status and manage more. What you can control for the status are following:

  • Working on a Ticket : Status that you working on the ticket. i.g. you can use this status when you start to fix the bug.
  • Fixed a Ticket : Status that you have done your job on the ticket.
  • Invalid a Ticket : Status that you figure out the Ticket is invalid. i.g. the reported bug is not the bug(report error).
  • Wontfix a Ticket : Status that you do not have to take care of this Ticket. i.g. This is not a bud, but a specification
  • Duplicate a Ticket : Status that the ticket is duplicated submitted.
  • Worksforme : Status that the bug is also happened in the other project. ref.

Once the status change to "close", the Ticket will disappear from the un-worked list. On the other hand, you can pass-back the Ticket, Status.


Milestone is useful to manage the release schedule, new version update for your project.

Review the Milestone

You can see the list of registered Milestone from the Roadmap.

Register The Milestone

You can register a new Milestone with a button of "Registrate Milestone" on Roadmap. You need a name, target release date and discription of Milestone.

You need a Commtter authority to register a Milestone.

Once you register a Milestone, it appears on the list of Milestones at the registration Ticket. When you select it, you can also see the status of Ticket on Review the Milestone.

Let's Join Spark project As a Committer

The definition of Committer on Spark project is the person who can commit for the Subversion Repository

And here in Spark project, Committers get more benefit!!

We always welcome Committers, so feel free to join us! :)

How To Become a Spark Committer ?

Just send e-mail for beinteractive.org@gmail.com with following information.

  • Username(which you want to have)
  • Password OR SHA1 HASH of password (which you want to have)

Committers Advantage

Committers can get the following advantages/rights:

What You Can Do, If You Are Non-Committer

Dear Committers

Hello! my dear Committers! :D Here you can get the information for the committers, please take a look.

Let's Start Here! Introduction For The Committers

WELCOME TO THIS SPARK PROJECT! Nice to meet you as committers. Here is the step how to login, and utilize Spark project:

1. Create and check your account in Trac Login. If you have any trouble on log-in, please contact with beinteractive.org@gmail.com. 2. After your successful login, please introduce yourself on Toppage & Committers on the bottom. If you have any trouble in editing the page, please see Wiki page editing. 3. You can freely use and Commit for the Subversion Repository based on Layout rules 4. Ticket and Milestone also help your Spark project engagement.

Have a nice Flash & ActionScript life with Spark project!

Layout Rules

Please Commit for every library of Subversion Repository following rayout rules.

http://wwww.libspark.org/(language)/(the name of library)
  • language: as2, as3, mxp ... etc
  • the name of library: the name of library or project

In short, the only rule is to keep the root as provided categories. You can create your own directory / folder and , let's enjoy Commit ! You can freely change the layout, the name. Besides, please add the language, too.

In addition to that, please take a look for Recommended Commit address.

Recommended Name of Library for Committers



It will be nice if your package names as org.libspark.utils

Working progress, study , labs:

http://wwww.libspark.org/(language)/Study/(the name of Study)

The Name of Package

You can use your original package name for the class. You can use own/favorite domain. Besides, "org.libspark " domain is free to use. You can use it if you want :)

Commit for HTML File

You can get automatic HTML pages once you commit for Spark project.

For example, if you commit file here:


Then you can access it with following URL.


For example, more in detail;

Once you commit following :


You can access with following URL.


We provid ASDoc as following URL, so please use it.


Closing Ticket with Commit Log

We call "Commit Log" as a comment on a Commit. If you want to solve/close the problems on a Ticket , you can use this Commit Log.

For example:

You fix the problem of aaaaaa on Ticket #256. Then you should write Comment Log as following.

I fixed aaaaaa (fixed: #256)

So, Comment Log is like this.

fixed: #Ticket number

It is useful when you want to solve&close the Ticket at the same timing of Commitment. (for example).

How to Create The Project Page and Link

When you commit new library or project, please open a new page on Spark Wiki and describe or promote what you did. You do not have to worry about how fancy it is. Simple message is strong enough.

Your new project page is required to Edit to have a link to Top Page. It is ideal you will add it to the related category/genre of liberay or project

If you can not find out the best category/genre, please Edit your page and link Top Page.

How to edit and add the link of top page? Here is the example steps.

Step 1:

Here is the reference. You can create your own genre as following:

=== Graphic / Color (AS3) === #graphics-and-color-as3

note: please make it posted in <div id="spark-projects">.

Step 2:

Create your own genre:

=== New Genre (AS3) === #new-genre-as3

note: after "#" is name of id. Please do not forget to create id with "#"

Step 3:

You can add your own libraries:

=== New Genre (AS3) === #new-genre-as3

 * [wiki:NewLibrary New Library]
  * This is new library

Step 4:

At the end of these step, link to the related genre.

 * [#flash-extension Flash Extension]
 * [#editor-plugin for the Editors]
 * [#new-genre-as3 New Genre] <-- This is what you created and added.

English Pages

If you want to create English Wiki page, please put /en at the end of your URL.

For example, if you have already created following project.


Then, just add /en at the end of the URL! very simple!


You Want to Know More?

Here is other related informations

Spark project Off-line Study Sessions

We are providing off-line Spark project study session monthly. Here you can learn about Flash , ActionScript? and the latest committers sourcecode and libraries.

Official Blog

You can check what's going on Spark project on Spark project Official Blog .

Twitter Account

Once you follow Spark project's Twitter account, you can get Commit Log as live and communicate with followers just reply to the followers. Please follow me!

Blog Parts

You can post the commited file in Spark project repository on your own blogs. Sample

Just copy & paste following codes.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.libspark.org/thumb/js/..."></script>

You just replace "..." to the repository pass which you want to get.

For Example, if you want to post following file into your Blog parts:


You just need to change the part of "..." into /as3/Thread/src/org/libspark/thread/Thread.as.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.libspark.org/thumb/js/as3/Thread/src/org/libspark/thread/Thread.as"></script>

Besides, you can use GET argument and add more options:

  • w (width): Set the width of display. The value is same as width of HTML. If you skip this setting, it depends on each browser's.
  • h (height): Set the height of display. The value is same as height of HTML. If you skip this setting, it depends on each browser's.
  • r (revision): Set the revision of display. The value is equal as number of revision. If you skip this setting, it shows latest revision.
  • l (Line): Set the line of the codes to display. There are options of values.
    • 「n:m」 from line:n to line:m
    • 「n:」 from line:n to the end
    • 「:n」 from the beginning to line:n
    • 「n」 line:n only

For example, if you want to show following setting, revision 151 , Line 10-20 of Thread.as , Width 100%, Height 300px.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.libspark.org/thumb/js/as3/Thread/src/org/libspark/thread/Thread.as?w=100%&h=300px&r=151&l=10:20"></script>

Logo Data

If you need a logo of Spark project, here you can download freely.

Spark project is owned voluntarily. If you agree with OR want to support us, please help us as a donation.


We run this project with following staffs.

  • Yoshihiro Shindo a.k.a yossy:beinteractive (BeInteractive!)
    • Head / Manager / Lead Committer / System / Server
  • fujista (fujista.jp)
    • Committer / System / Server
  • minaco (minaco.net)
    • Sub-manager / Committer
  • soundkitchen (Humming Via Kitchen)
    • Committer / System / Server


You can reach Spark project with this e-mail : beinteractive.org@gmail.com